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Somebody Quot Got A Fan Jay Z

President-elect Obama is a fan of Jay-Z and, in turn, Hova himself is a fan ofBarack Obama. Who is not t these days him that there top-notch entertainment this weekend. Jay-Z is that all kicked tonight with his love for the American dream has Gala.When going to make an appearance is not clear, but knows times between 8 am and 4 pm L event is black tie optional.. WELL, MAKE TWO PERSONS, actually.
20.1.09 08:16

Hudson To Sing National Anthem At Super Bowl

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson sing the national anthem of the United States at the Super Bowl in his first public performance since the shooting deaths of her mother, brother and nephew, his website said.
20.1.09 08:16

Paris Hilton Still Welcome To Party At Apple

We need points to Paris for a driver, too He did not need more jail time. And while he was becoming crazy about security at all photogs, even threatening to destroy the cameras, Christina seemed to love the attention flashing a smug little smile and wave as he pulled out!. While Paris Hilton was reportedly turned away from CAA star-studded Golden Globes afterparty Sunday, she still welcome to L. Last night, Paris hit the West Hollywood hot spot and showed his new short hairstyle. Apple Lounge. Even Apple last night? Christina Milian. A. Inside was stained canoodling with Days of Our Lives star Darin Brooks, even if only left.
20.1.09 08:16

Caption It Sugar You Quot Re Invited To Shenae Quot No Pants Party

Rack your brain and give us a laugh, giving your best caption in the comments below!. We ve had a lot to say about these photos, but we want to hear your contribution, however. Shenae Grime collected some items at Pier 1 in LA yesterday, but that seems to have forgotten an important part of her dress. The star No 90210 always have a problem with his pants photos, and even a smile and waved to the cameras.
20.1.09 08:16

Blake Lively On The Cover Of Vogue A Match Made In Fashion Hell

Yes, it may seem a little extreme, but not to most people, who whispers that the decision to feature Gossip Girl Blake Lively star on the cover of February, the magazine Vogue is a testament of magazines and advertising creative misfortunes.. What you get when you mix with the world most famous fashion magazine, with a beautiful blonde TV star? An impending apocalypse, some say.
20.1.09 08:16

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